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Targeting Your Market

Targeting Your Market

In marketing, there are two approaches, often referred to as the “shotgun” approach, and the “sharpshooter” approach. Now, while I do not think that customers are prey to be hunted, there IS some wisdom in this analogy.

The Shotgun approach is when you do a lot of cheap ads, that scatter a lot of marketing over a group of people, in the hopes that one might be interested and buy. It is a form of “non-targeted” advertising.

The Sharpshooter approach is when you aim your ads directly at people whom you know are already interested in what you have.

In the Internet world, there is little excuse for NOT targeting your ads! There are ways you can do it that do not even involve research or expense. Merely choosing to advertise using smart keywords, or putting your ads on sites that deal directly with the topic of your site is a means of tightly targeting your ads.

Targeting starts with WHERE you advertise, but it also includes HOW you advertise. Your incentives need to be related to your product, your marketing messages need to appeal to the people who are most likely to buy your product.

You’ll notice that when you get your newspaper, there are circulars inserted into it. There will be ads for cars, pizza, groceries, etc. You’ll notice that the ads that are included in there are for things that pretty much EVERYONE needs. With those items, there is no need to target.

If, on the other hand, you sell replacement parts for laptops, a circular insert is NOT a good idea. You’ll pay for every one of those ads that gets thrown away, and there is a greater chance that they WILL be thrown away since they are not targeted. If you mailed the same insert though, to readers of a computer repair professional magazine, the numbers would be quite different! The percentage that got thrown away would be far fewer.

The same rules work online. And they are the reason that Traffic Exchanges, SafeLists, and Announcement Lists do not work. Everyone is there to SELL, not to buy! No one is interested in your product! And marketing to people who you KNOW are not interested is just a waste of your time or money.

On the other hand, if you use article marketing, that delivers VERY highly targeted marketing, because you can write an article about a topic which directly pertains to your business, and attract people who want what you have. Some writers don’t seem to get that though – I see articles about cats and dogs which are written by people who have a web marketing business. Where’s the connection? As a reader, I’m not interested in clicking their link!

With marketing, it is much better to be a sniper. Aim your marketing at the people who logically WANT it, not at people who could care less.

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