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Marketing Through Printable Downloads

Printable downloads are good for specific marketing types, and as an enhancement to others. They can save you time and money, as well as make marketing materials available on demand.

There are a few circumstances in which a printable download can help a business directly:

  1. Printable catalog. For some sites, if the inventory is extensive, a printable catalog can help customers to be able to browse items offline at their leisure.
  2. Printable Brochures. For items that people might want to think over, or discuss with someone else, having a printable brochure on your website that gives an overview of product benefits can be an asset.
  3. Printable Order Forms. Some customers still prefer to order offline. Not many, but you may get a few orders from people who would otherwise not order if you have an order form that they can easily print and use.

More Power From Printables

The above are all little things, and only applicable to certain business types. The real power in printable downloads comes from businesses which have affiliate programs or distributorships.

The cost of printing can then be passed on to your resellers – this is not a disservice to them, it spares them the cost of ordering them, and makes them more convenient. They can print them on demand instead of having to order them in bulk.

These items can be downloadable in a distributor only area, or affiliate area, depending on what is needed.

Items which can be used in this manner are:

  1. Business cards with a write-in spot for referral name or distributor name, OR, a business card template in a format that is common (Printshop, or Serif PagePlus which is a freely downloadable program).
  2. Brochures. Distributors can print out brochures on demand also – make sure you leave a 1/2 inch margin around the edge of the documents, so that they will print well on an inkjet printer.
  3. Price lists, policy sheets, instructional literature, and other informational documents.

In fact your entire distributor pack can be downloadable in electronic format. Alternately it can be delivered on CD, which is far more cost effective for the parent company. It passes the actual cost on to the distributor, weeds out the costs for distributors who are not serious about the business, and allows you to make your resale program available to people who are on a limited budget, but who have the energy and drive to work the business.

Printable downloads are not an asset to every business, but for some, they can prove a huge benefit, which gives convenience to customers and resellers, while reducing expenses for printing items that are not fully used.

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