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How to use Google Adwords Free Advertising Voucher

Google Adwords

Google AdWords can be an incredibly powerful online advertising platform for businesses – but it does come at a cost. The good news? Google offers free advertising vouchers to help you get started. This beginner’s guide will teach you how to use Google AdWords free advertising vouchers to launch your first campaigns and stretch those bonus credits surprisingly far!

Obtaining Free Credits for Your Google AdWords Account

As an incentive for new users, Google provides all sorts of valuable sign-up perks and introductory offers. The most popular is $500 in free advertising credit when you spend $500, essentially doubling your starting budget.

This allows testing of Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising capabilities at scale while only paying half the cost. For small businesses hesitant to commit or with limited resources, it represents a fantastic way to explore Google AdWords with less risk.

You may also find additional Google AdWords coupons and promo codes to further stretch your advertising dollars:

  • Popular web hosting companies like Bluehost and HostGator provide $100 credits for minimal spend
  • Site builders like Wix and Squarespace include $100 vouchers with their platforms
  • Various business apps integrate with or offer Google incentives
  • Check coupon sites like CouponFollow for periodic deals
  • Google Ad Grants give $10,000 in monthly ad spend to registered nonprofits
  • Returning users can obtain credits after not using AdWords for certain periods

The amounts range widely from $50 to $500 in free credits, with some promotions requiring meeting spend thresholds to unlock.

Once obtained, these vouchers typically expire within 30-90 days. So be sure to start your PPC marketing quickly to maximize that bonus budget boost!

Having extra funds empowers testing new campaign setups, expanding reach, and exploring advanced features. And with dedication to tracking and optimization, incredible returns are possible on modest budgets.

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Google AdWords Account

Google Adwords

Before benefiting from vouchers and promo codes, you first need an AdWords account. Here is a step-by-step walkthrough to get setup correctly:

Choose Account Type

Google offers different classes of accounts depending on business needs:

  • Personal – For individual use up to $10k monthly spend
  • Business – For registered companies with extra features
  • Manager – For advertising agencies managing multiple clients

Most small businesses select the basic personal or business account options. Agencies tending to many separate customers might leverage manager accounts with additional functionality.

Enter Contact and Billing Information

With account category selected, you will need to provide various personal details – both for the admin user and overall account tracking:

  • Legal name
  • Physical address
  • Contact phone number
  • Valid email address
  • Payment information

Ensuring everything ties back to a real identity prevents issues when providing payment credentials further into the process.

Agree to Advertising Policies and Terms

Google requires accepting certain policies to ensure advertising content remains above board:

  • General Google Ads agreement
  • Editorial and professional requirements
  • Restricted content policy
  • Sensitive categories policy
  • Conflicts of interest policy

Review each carefully as rejecting them blocks access to the advertising platform. These protect users while also maintaining standards across their search engine results pages (SERPs).

Select Account Preferences and Settings

With legalities handled, choose options like:

  • Currency and time zone
  • Shared budget access
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Data sharing controls

ERP integrations, multi-user functionality, and cross-account management require higher tier business accounts. Start basic until more complex needs arise.

And that’s it! With your new AdWords account created, it’s time to make the most of those promotional credits and vouchers.

Applying and Activating Your Free Google AdWords Voucher

Navigating to the voucher redemption page takes just a few clicks once inside your account:

  • Click the main Tools icon in the top right corner
  • Choose Billing from the dropdown menu
  • Select Promotions from the left sidebar
  • Click the large plus icon to open the text field
  • Paste or type the full voucher code and hit Enter
  • Confirm the new credit displays properly

Once successfully activated, your account balance will update to reflect the extra funds instantly.

If issues arise or errors occur, double check the exact spelling and formatting of the code against the source you claimed it from. Avoid confusing 1’s and I’s or 0’s and O’s. Contact their customer support for additional troubleshooting help if needed.

Otherwise…congratulations – it worked! That added balance empowers jumping straight into building your first campaigns and ads.

Having extra budget to test concepts and attract initial clicks is invaluable for AdWords beginners. Now to put it to work driving website traffic and conversions!

Structuring Your First Campaigns for Success

With finances squared away, now for the fun stuff – creating PPC campaigns!

The intuitive AdWords interface makes building ads, landing pages, and measurement tracking systems simple, especially for beginners. But solid initial foundations set the tone for everything built atop.

Before diving headfirst into the editor, investing time into a smart campaign strategy prevents poor performance or wasted spend later. Crucial planning areas involve:

Defining Campaign Goals and Metrics

Having clear business objectives empower focusing efforts correctly from the start. Common goals include:

  • Sales revenue – highest priority for ecommerce sites
  • Lead generation – for services gathering prospective clients
  • Traffic metrics – improving awareness and discovery

Tie campaign success to core metrics like:

  • Return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • Cost per lead (CPL)
  • Click-through-rate (CTR)
  • Bounce rates
  • Conversion numbers

This connects spend directly to tangible profit and pipeline growth.

Researching and Selecting Targeting Options

Google allows displaying PPC ads to narrow audiences through advanced targeting:

  • Location – countries, regions, cities
  • Languages – expanding globally
  • Devices – mobile, desktop, tablet
  • Audiences – via intents, histories, etc
  • Placements – sites, videos, mobile apps
  • Times of day – scheduling ads smartly

Layer targeting for precision while scaling up cautiously to avoid losing control. Balance scale with conversion quality.

Creating Effective Budgets and Bids

Two key elements govern ongoing spend:

  • Campaign budgets – monthly or daily limits
  • Ad bids – what you pay per click

Manually set or let Google automatically optimize based on goals. Higher bids attract more traffic, but reduce margins.

Tight budgets are difficult, but force creativity – make every dollar count through relevance. Which segues nicely into…

Choosing The Right Keywords

Keywords trigger when ads appear. Broad terms get initial traction but lack conversions. Long-tail key phrases tightly focus effort on buyers actually searching for offered products or services.

Avoid wasting promotional credits and improve performance by continually adding negative keywords. This limits irrelevant visibility by excluding unrelated searches.

Building and Optimizing AdWords Ads

With the framework constructed through campaigns, now for ads themselves carrying sales messages.

Compelling copy and striking visuals inspire action. A 5-step formula for high-performing ads:

1. Catchy, Benefit-Driven Headlines

Emphasize the most desirable elements of offerings. For example, highlighting “non-toxic” or “highest quality” indicators capture attention while establishing credibility and trust.

2. Descriptive Ad Copy Defining Value

Elaborate on exactly how you solve problems or enhance lives to spark interest and clicks. Too vague fails to differentiate while overly salesy comes across disingenuous. Find the right balance.

3. Dynamic Extensions Adding Proof

Show don’t tell through location links, call buttons, message forms, customer ratings, email signup prompts, and more. These build authority.

4. Quality Landing Page Experiences

Successfully clicked ads require back up through reinforcing messaging on sites. Maintain continuity from compelling text to relevant, clear content emphasizing unique selling proposition without distractions.

5. Conversions Via Strong Calls-To-Action

Remove friction and guide visitors to become customers with prominently placed action paths. Email signup boxes, shopping cart links, appointment booking widgets reduce barriers to engagement.

Monitoring Performance of Voucher Campaigns

With structures for achieving business goal metrics now in place, ads will start serving based on budgets and bids competing for visibility.

The entire reason for utilizing AdWords lies in generating positive ROI cost-effectively to support scaling budgets sustainably over time. This requires routinely checking performance numbers – both good and bad.

Key indicators revealing optimizations needed include:

  • Cost metrics – avoid needless expenditure
  • Engagement metrics – click-through rates
  • Quality metrics – bounce rates, time on site
  • Conversion metrics – critical goals met

Tweaking targeting options, optimizing landing pages, adjusting bids, and editing ad elements help systematically boost KPIs. Fix underperformers slowing overall progress.

Small changes make big differences – and those valuable vouchers stretch even further.

Advanced Optimization Strategies and Insights

Beyond merely inspecting metrics then reacting, savvy advertisers proactively experiment with innovative formats while researching innovations:

Leverage Process Refinement Ideas Like:

  • Html5 interactive game ads
  • Augmented reality ad experiences
  • Video overlays and skippables
  • Chat box integration

Outsmart The Competition Through:

  • In-market/remarketing list building
  • Dynamic keyword insertion
  • Competitor click analysis
  • Bid loss reports for conquesting

Maintain Excellence By:

  • Blacklisting poor quality sites
  • Curating placements
  • Developing email nurture streams
  • Retargeting bounced traffic

Measure Success Utilizing:

  • Multi-channel attribution
  • Assisted conversions
  • Customized one-click goals
  • Lifetime value tracking

While beginners rightly focus on basics first, introducing innovations incrementally accelerates returns. Test judiciously while allowing budget for the concept to gather statistical significance.

Optimizing Landing Pages for Converting Traffic

Beyond the ads themselves, invest into exceptional landing page experiences to convert higher percentages once earned those clicks.

This requires understanding customer motivations and psychology – purchasing justification happens in stages:

Awareness Phase

Most visitors arrive unfamiliar with offerings. Pique interest by clearly highlighting credibility first – show off awards, testimonials, certifications immediately to establish trust. These reassure the brain it is safe to continue engaging.

Evaluation Phase

Now wanting to learn more, focus attention on concise explanations of differentiation and value through easy-to-scan headlines, subheads, bullet points, and captions leading visitors into…

Decision Phase

Facilitate action-taking through prominent calls-to-action, frictionless lead gen forms, minimal unnecessary elements, and obvious paths forward matching what the motivated visitor expects in that moment.

Beyond One-Time Transactions

Optimize for long-term loyalty by providing signup incentives, members-only resources, special discounts in exchange for contact info, and ongoing nurture content delivered to those who commit via email subscriptions.

Landing pages are where strategy becomes reality through conversion. Design them cunningly.

Additional Google AdWords Features to Explore

Once confident administering basic PPC components, only creativity limits how far you can push AdWords’ capabilities thanks to extensive built-in features unlocked as you scale monthly spend.

As voucher credits expand your needs from initial testing phases, explore elements like:

YouTube Video Advertising

In-stream and video discovery promotions connect brands to endless qualified visitors through 6 billion daily YouTube views. Beyond massive reach, YouTube provides powerful built-in measurement for optimizing spend.

Smart Shopping Campaigns

Automate the product feed upload process while leveraging Google’s algorithms promoting listings automatically based on performance. The ultimate set-it-and-forget-it solution.

Customer Match

Sync offline customer data with online advertising efforts allowing remarketing website visitors while also acquiring similar new audiences. This reduces acquisition costs significantly long-term.

Local Services

Attach important business location and contact information across Google’s network automatically including the knowledge panel, Google My Business, and maps to capture nearby searchers ready to engage immediately with services.

App Campaigns

Grow installs and amplify launch success across Google’s largest properties reaching interested users – Search, YouTube, Discover Feed, Gmail and more. Various objective based formats available.

…Plus many more. Once seeing positive ROI through basic building blocks, explore other integrated growth levers helping efficiently scale your organization.

Make the Most of Valuable Promotional Credits

In summary, Google provides invaluable opportunities to test the advertising waters through extremely generous free voucher credits. This allows small businesses to evaluate the platform while benefiting from bonuses increasing initial budgets.

But testing alone achieves little – the key lies in analyzing performance then systematically implementing optimizations. Through dedication, those credits can drive impressive conversions giving way to sustainable long term PPC success.

With the right strategic foundation, creative testing agenda, and commitment to refinements, tremendous efficiency gains are possible.

Certain best practices make all the difference:

  • Pick specific, measurable goals connected to crucial business outcomes to contextualize efforts
  • Target narrowly then widen cautiously to maintain relevance driving desired actions
  • Write compelling copy sparking engagement backed by reinforcing landing pages
  • Check metrics routinely to find and fix underperformers hampering progress
  • Innovate over time through testing new formats, platforms, and segmentation strategies

AdWords success rarely happens spontaneously. But for tenacious advertisers, over time positive trends compound onto themselves. Small optimizations scale dramatically. Initial achievements validate methodologies working…so they dedicate even more testing and resources.

Suddenly you glance back at the long journey taken in just a short while. The challenging yet rewarding path from uncertain novice to confident strategist. From vague concepts to refined understanding. From theory to actionable plans.

Your skills incrementally honed through lessons of many small failures but also successes proving the tremendous potential of aligning PPC platforms to core business goals. Unwillingness to remain stagnant bears ripe fruits.

With battle-tested blueprints crafted over those pivotal learning phases passed…ambition takes hold to expand horizons wider. So you scale personalized messaging further through advanced segmentation. Widen reach across additional channels like YouTube and Display. Optimize landing experiences further. Push bid strategies more assertively. Hard fought foundational achievements provide springboards to greater things.

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