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How to Get Free Traffic for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Driving free traffic to your affiliate marketing website is vital for generating leads and sales without spending money on ads. While paid methods deliver faster results, organic techniques have greater long-term benefits. This comprehensive guide will explore the most effective ways to get free traffic and grow your affiliate promotions.

Why Free Traffic Matters in Affiliate Marketing

Getting free traffic should be the foundation of any affiliate strategy for three key reasons:

  1. It maximizes profits. By relying on organic methods, you keep costs low while earning full commissions from conversions. This significantly boosts your ROI.
  2. It compounds over time. Once your content ranks higher and establishes authority, the stream of visitors keeps flowing. This creates a positive feedback loop.
  3. It builds trust and loyalty. Audiences prefer recommendations from reliable sources rather than in-your-face sales pitches. Valuable content earns goodwill.

Mastering even one major free channel can transform an affiliate website. Combining multiple strategies results in an unstoppable traffic machine.

10 Ways to Get Free Traffic for Affiliate Offers

Affiliate Marketing

Here are the top 10 free traffic sources perfect for affiliate marketers:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO aims to improve rankings in search engines like Google so your content appears at the top for relevant queries. Earning the first page for competitive keywords will funnel hordes of targeted visitors.

  • Research buyer keywords using Google’s Keyword Planner. Select terms with sufficient search volume and low competition.
  • Include these terms naturally in your articles and highlight them in headings (not stuffing).
  • Produce long-form, useful content around these keywords so searchers find you credible.
  • Build internal links across related content to distribute “link juice.”
  • Get niche websites to link back to your content, signaling its value.

SEO is tough initially but drives surging organic traffic once your site gains authority.

2. YouTube Videos

YouTube has over 2 billion monthly users, making video creation hugely worthwhile. You can earn free views in two ways:

Upload Videos on Your Channel

  • Publish videos reviewing/demoing affiliate products or comparing top options.
  • Optimize titles, descriptions and tags to rank for buyer searches.
  • Link to your affiliate site for details or deals. Short 15-30 second pre-roll ads earn the most clicks.

Comment on Relevant Channels

  • Identify channels in your niche with good engagement and audience fit.
  • Provide useful insights and politely share affiliate links in some comments. Don’t spam.
  • Join conversations where your experience offers genuine help.

Leverage YouTube’s massive reach to drive interested traffic back to your site.

3. Interactive Content

Creating fun experiences earns shares and links, achieving virality. Types that work:


  • Help visitors assess needs and personality to determine suitable products.
  • Provide customized affiliate recommendations at the end as a reward.


  • Allow visitors to estimate costs, performance or other metrics related to the product area.
  • Show how your top affiliate pick delivers the best ROI or savings.


  • Enable visitors to instantly create wish lists, design templates or shopping lists featuring affiliate items.
  • Add a call to action to purchase recommended products on online stores.

Keep interactive content focused on helping site visitors. The compelling value will get people linking and sharing your asset for free promotion.

4. Guest Posting

Reaching out to industry websites for contributor roles has multiple advantages:

  • You can link back to your money site from high-authority domains.
  • Articles expose your expertise to targeted new visitors.
  • Site owners often share posts via social media expanding your reach further.

Stick to reputable, mid-tier sites closely related to your niche when guest posting. Avoid spamming low-value links just for backlinks.

Over time, earned media exposure builds brand visibility and referral traffic.

5. Social Media Marketing

Every major platform offers ways to organically nurture an audience interested in your affiliate products:


  • Share useful resources and product news in relevant Facebook Groups to establish community status


  • Comment on discussions and share affiliate links from a niche account


  • Create eye-catching Pinboards of affiliate products for consumers seeking ideas


  • Post engaging photos and videos showcasing products with swipe up affiliate links

Don’t overly self-promote. Social works when you mix helpful information with great affiliate offers.

6. Email Outreach

Contacting websites, bloggers and brands to mutually exchange assets can unlock free promotions:

  • Offer great lead magnets to partners willing to share affiliate links with their email list.
  • Swap blog posts or social shares with similar niched sites to cross-promote offers.
  • Pitch earning commissions for suggesting products they don’t yet stock to related businesses.

Personalized cold emailing is labor intensive but nets free advertising from key market players. Segment contacts for better results.

7. Answering Online Questions

Visiting popular forums and Quora to answer affiliate related queries will get thousands of eyes on your advice and bio links.

Monitoring discussions on Reddit, LinkedIn and niche communities to provide solutions establishes expertise too. Always offer meaningful help instead of merely posting links.

8. Optimizing Images

Inserting affiliate links or site branding on visual assets can lead viewers to your landing pages once they go viral:

  • Memes spreading on social media
  • Cool product photos on Pinterest
  • Info charts published on news/data websites

Images posted on Flickr, Imgur and Wikimedia Commons fetch free traffic when media sites pick them up for articles.

9. Building an Email List

Directing visitors to opt-in landing pages to offer lead magnets in exchange for their emails lets you chase commissions later through promotions.

Send helpful advice, product updates and special deals to subscribers over time to build loyalty and sales. Just avoid overselling through endless pitches. Segment your list to customize affiliate recommendations.

10. Content Remarketing

Converting site visitors into email leads allows you to re-engage them through:

  • Retargeting past visitors with Facebook/Google ads
  • Embedding calls-to-action across website to harvest more emails
  • Featuring popular posts/products in site sidebars to increase clicks

Keep driving leads back from cold traffic to unlock referral sales.

Tips to Boost Free Traffic Results

Follow these best practices to maximize outcomes from free affiliate marketing channels:

  • Avoid over-promoting or putting affiliate links in too many areas
  • Produce long-form, epic content guides for organic search visibility
  • Promote assets actively via social media groups and relevant profiles
  • Capture emails wherever possible to build an owned audience
  • Track conversions by traffic source to double down on what works

Getting free affiliate traffic takes significant hustle initially. But the compounding rewards make mastering these channels well worth the effort.

So choose a few high-potential organic channels, craft amazing assets, and relentlessly promote them to start gaining momentum.

The key is to persistently provide value instead of overly pushing affiliate offers. In time, targeted visitors will convert thanks to your solutions-focused content.


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