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How to Create Marketing Videos for Free

Marketing Videos

Creating marketing videos can seem like an intimidating and expensive endeavor. However, with the right tools and strategy, it is possible to make stunning marketing videos at no cost. This guide will walk you through the essential steps to create professional, shareable videos using free resources.

We will cover how to develop video ideas, find royalty-free media, and use intuitive editing software. By the end, you’ll have the fundamental skills to establish an engaging video marketing presence for free.

Craft Compelling Video Ideas

Coming up with video ideas is the most vital first step. Before anything else, you need to determine your audience, goals and develop concepts that align.

Here are some aspects to consider:

  • Define your target customer – Get very specific on who you want to reach. Their demographics, interests, pain points and more. Understanding your audience inside-out is key.
  • Set clear objectives – Do you want to drive sales? Generate leads? Raise brand awareness? Establish what metrics you want to impact. This gives your video purpose and direction.
  • Map out customer journey – Identify what phase prospects are in and what would compel them to move forward. Meet them where they are with relevant information.

With clarity on these elements, utilize marketing video templates as inspiration to devise ideas tailored to your goals and viewers.

Source Quality Media

Visual and audio components are what make videos so engaging. Using subpar assets will severely downgrade quality. The good news is there are ample free resources online.

Find Relevant Stock Photos and Videos

Sites like Pixabay and Pexels offer millions of royalty-free photos and videos to browse. You can search for very specific visuals here related to products, people, backgrounds and more. Just be sure to check licensing rules before using.

Marketing Videos

Coverr is another excellent stock library to find free videos to incorporate B-roll footage. This adds engaging visual storytelling between scenes.

Record a Voiceover Narration

While not essential, adding an explanatory voiceover creates more meaningful connections with viewers. You can easily record narration using your computer or phone microphone. For best quality, invest in an affordable USB microphone like the Blue Snowball.

For music, resources like Free Music Archive provide a diverse range of podcast safe, royalty-free songs and sound effects to set the mood.

Show Screens and Slides

For software and product demos, use the built-in screen recording capabilities on sites like Animoto to showcase exactly what you want viewers to see. This helpful visual guidance makes concepts more digestible.

You can also upload PowerPoint decks and PDFs to display key information on-screen. Tools like Animoto make it simple to switch between media types within the same video timeline.

Edit Seamlessly With Intuitive Software

With scripts, visuals and audio gathered, now we can start piecing together footage using video editing tools. The best part? Plenty of easy-to-use editors are completely free!

User-Friendly Options

For beginners, options like Animoto’s video maker allow you to drag-and-drop clips onto a timeline to assemble scenes. Simply upload your visuals and music, then add text overlays, transitions, effects and more with a few clicks.

InVideo’s AI-powered editor also makes it fast and simple to turn images, text, audio and other elements into polished videos through an intuitive interface and smart assistance technology.

Other straightforward editing options to check out include Adobe Spark, ClipChamp, Kapwing and more. Most offer sufficient features for basic video projects free of charge.

Advanced Functionalities

For those with video experience, advanced free software like DaVinci Resolve provides professional-grade tools for more complex projects. However, these advanced options have steeper learning curves.

Shotcut is another open-source video editing application with robust capabilities suited for intermediate users ready to level up skills.

Build Consistency Across Videos

No matter what platform you use, import brand elements like logos, colors and fonts to maintain continuity across videos. Using saved templates that apply branding in one click simplifies editing greatly.

Share Videos Everywhere

With a stellar marketing video complete, get it in front viewers that matter most.

Social Channels

Upload natively to platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram where much of your audience already spends time scrolling. Insert eye catching custom thumbnails and titles with strong calls-to-action to maximize clicks.

Email Marketing

Send newly produced videos directly within email newsletters. This gives current customers sneak peaks into fresh content and incentives to open messages.

Landing Pages

Feature videos prominently on website pages to increase time on site, reinforce messaging and propel visitors to convert.

Paid Ads

Run video ads on channels like Facebook and Instagram to get content in front of highly targeted, relevant audiences beyond your existing reach.

With the exponential rise of online video consumption, taking advantage of free tools to create marketing videos removes all barriers to entry. You can establish an engaging, professional video presence remarkably fast without expensive equipment or production teams.

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