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Blogging For Business

Blogging For Business

Blogging follows the same rules as Article Marketing – It is free (unless you have to hire help), it is friendly and helps with the relationship process, and it MUST be indirect to be successful. NO ONE is going to check in regularly to read ads!

Free blogs (not recommended) on, or offer you the advantage of a ready-built blogging community to tap into. Self-hosted ones offer more flexibility, less of a chance of it getting deleted (Blogger has that reputation), but a little more risk in some ways. Most importantly, YOU own the content and are building something of your own instead of someone else’s website.

The key is that you provide posts that people are interested in – they have to give them something they want, that they consider to be valuable.

Value may mean instructions, information, humor, warmth, reviews, recipes, ideas, encouragement, etc. It can be anything that they feel a need for in their life.

And it has to be regularly provided. Bloggers are a hungry lot. They can be taught to diet on a schedule of once a week, but less than that, and they’ll starve. They also get testy if they are used to an every other day schedule, and you drop them unexpectedly and leave them hanging. Like a bowel-fixated senior citizen, regularity is important to them.

So, in order to make it work, you have to be pretty gregarious and you have to have plenty to say that is worth saying. Some people operate a blog by finding words from others to post, and while this is acceptable some of the time, it is not going to produce quality stuff that keeps them coming back for more if that is all you have to offer. It is like a diet of TV dinners – they can get it anywhere. They want home cooking. They want it fresh, and they want it to be digestible.

Blog readers tend to be more impatient than other website visitors also. They want something that gets to the point. Don’t waste their time with a tidbit that tries to lure them somewhere else every time. They will be willing to visit your site if you link it in, but they expect you to earn that visit.

If you cannot produce good quality regular content, then you are better off with article marketing, which does not require a regular schedule.

Blogging won’t bring you a flood of business instantly. It is like the other forms of free marketing – it takes time to establish, and time to grow, and then frequently the benefits will be indirect.

A blog can provide three basic benefits:

  1. Clickthroughs from links to your site that you put on your blog. These are easy to track.
  2. A minor help with search engine ranking from links in the blog that go back to your site.
  3. A viral benefit as your blog link gets picked up and syndicated, IF you have something good enough to syndicate.
  4. Pretty significant revenue stream from ads.

You’ll have to promote your blog too though. When you have a website, and a blog, you have to promote them both, which can complicate the marketing tasks for some businesses. You are the only one who can decide if it is worth trying, and then determine whether it is worth it for you to keep doing it.

Expect to have to give it six months before you’ll have an idea of whether it is sustainable. By that time, you should be able to see at least a potential.

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